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  All About Our Company
-Transformations for Children & Adults is the new name for our company but it has been our goal all along...Transformation---one life and one family at a time.  We provide Brain Integration Therapy on an individual basis for various kinds of learning disabilities.  People with head injuries have also found great relief in our sessions.  We also work with adults who have had childhood trauma and/or who are seeking to resolve personal problems so they can live more fulfilling and successful lives.  We also teach classes in how to Repattern to parents and other professionals.  In most cases our consultants are not licensed nutritionists, psychologists, psychotherapists or medical practitioners but we do work in concert with many who are and we have trained many people who use this therapy in their practice of those disciplines. 

We have found that Repatterning will multiply the effectiveness of almost any other therapy that you are using.

Our History
-Most of our consultants got into this work because they had children or loved ones who were struggling and this was an answer to prayer for them.  Because of this all of us are deeply invested in doing all we can to bring healing to your situation because we understand the problems involved on a very personal level.

Our People
-Our consultants are independent contractors. They do not work for us.  If you have questions or concerns call your therapist.

-We get calls all the time from people asking whether this is available in other places so I am including some of the people that I have trained who live elsewhere. 


Rebecca Kennard is the founder of Transformations for Children & Adults.  She has been in private practice since 1991 working individually with 10-15 children per week.  She also conducts seminars on a regular basis at which parents and professionals alike learn how to alleviate the detrimental effects of learning disabilities. Becky has a BS in English from the University of Southern Colorado. She received initial training in BIT from Dianne Craft MA, CNHP of Littleton, CO.  Since that time Becky’s passion for research and development have brought additional changes and many improvements to the process.  The use of the Acuspark is her innovation and has greatly improved the efficacy and permanence of the therapy. She is married and has one son who was her first client.   She provides therapy at 37 Minden Circle in Colorado Springs, CO 80906.  Her phone number is (719) 576-7668.  Her email address is rackennard@usa.net




Corlea Keeney became interested in TBIT and started working with Becky to facilitate their training sessions and seminars beginning in 1997.  Corlea offers individual therapy at 5215 Saddle Drive in Colorado Springs, CO 80918.   Her phone number is (719) 522-9487.  Her email address is ckkeeney@comcast.net.




Experience has shown that Chiropractic adjustment can sometimes be helpful in dealing with learning struggles.  Here are the names of some chiropractors who have worked with us and understand the principles behind Transformations Brain Integration Therapy.

Colorado Health and Wellness, Inc.
231 Lake Plaza Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Salsman Chiropractic Health Center
231 Lake Plaza Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Dr. Richard C. Lewis
1900 E. Pikes Peak
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 473-7424
email:  rcl.crl@juno.com


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